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Answers to Math Exercises & Math Problems: Equation Word Problems



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1. There are 76 tourists accommodated in the first hotel, 84 tourists in the second hotel and 98 tourists in the third hotel.


2. Jane has saved 100 € and Dane has saved 120 €.


3. The wanted fraction is 3/5.


4. If the painters will work together, it will take them 2 days to paint the bridge.


5. There are 480 women and 960 men employed in the factory.


6. The trains will meet at 13:00 at a distance of 165 km from the station A.


7. The length of the rectangle is of 42 cm and the width of the rectangle is of 10 cm.


8. The cyclist is going to reach the pedestrian in 2.5 hours and it will be 60 km far away from town B.


9. There are eight 4-bed bedrooms and seven 3-bed bedrooms in the dormitory.


10. The edges of the cubes are 62 cm and 84 cm long.


11. We need to add 60 kg of fresh water.


12. It will take 22.62 minutes to fill the half of the water dam by using both of the tributaries.


13. Tractor drivers plow the field together in 7 hours and 47 minutes.


14. Father has been 10 times older than his son 18 years ago.


15. There was 12.5 liters of fuel initially in the tank.


16. The workshop purchased 15 spades and 25 hoes.


17. There are 36 students in the class.


18. The side length of a square is of 7 cm and the side lengths of a rectangle are of 5 cm and 12 cm.


19. The speed of the fast train is 69 km/h and the speed of the local train is 39 km/h.


20. The school cafeteria needs to buy 105 cheaper desserts and 36 expensive desserts.


21. The side length of the square is of 18.


22. The length of the lot is 4,612 m and the width of the lot is 1,540 m.


23. The wanted natural numbers are 24 and 25.


24. Dimensions of the rectangle are 6 cm and 8 cm.


25. The wanted fraction is 21/28.


26. The surface of the Moon would cover 7.45 % of the Earth's surface.


27. The legs of a right-angled triangle are 10 cm and 24 cm long.


28. The length of a track is 10.5 km.


29. The legs of a right-angled triangle are 8 cm and 15 cm long.


30. The regular polygon that has 42 more diagonals than it has sides is a regular dodecagon.







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