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Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru - The Ultimate Spiritual Experience



- Are you interested in your mission on Earth?

- Would you like to expand your consciousness?

- Do you want to get rid of drug or other addiction?

- Do you want to heal your physical and mental suffering?

- Would you like to know the answers to your life questions?


Ayahuasca will help you get them. It is a beverage brewed from plants growing in the jungle. Indigenous tribes living in the Amazon jungle have been using it for thousands of years as a healing and spiritual plant and treat with it with a great respect.


People who have consumed ayahuasca report having mystical experiences and spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe, and deep insight into how to be the best person they possibly can. This is viewed by many as a spiritual awakening and what is often described as a rebirth. In addition, it is often reported that individuals feel they gain access to higher spiritual dimensions and make contact with various spiritual or extra-dimensional beings who can act as guides or healers.


This experience is very strong. It has changed lives of many for the better. It showed them the cause of the suffering, cause of the disease, and also the cause of their residence on Earth. It helped them to overcome their pain, addictions, and gave them a new energy for life.


Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in Peru, near Iquitos, in the real jungle, in the natural environment of the plant, in the presence of a real shaman. Our shaman, Mastro Julio, has been healing people by ayahuasca for 40 years. As he himself says: "There is nothing that can't be healed".


The price for stay in the center is $800 and includes:


- 6 Days (5 Nights) Retreat in the Peruvian Jungle (Monday to Saturday)

- Comfortable Accommodation in Cabins (1 person per cabin)

- Meal Adapted to Ayahuasca Diet

- 4-5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

- Safe Jungle Environment


As one of the few we offer accommodations adapted to the western standard. Your own cabin with a flush toilet, running water and a shower is waiting for you. Bit of luxury in the jungle :)


- We speak English, Spanish, Czech - no language barriers

- Max 10 people - everything is very personal, confidential

- Possibility of ceremonies for closed groups and individual retreats

- From Iquitos to the center (and back) we will take you by our boat

- Air tickets are not included (


We'll do everything to help you.

Looking forward to you!

Kat & Kev





5% Discount for all visitors of website!


Send an email with the text "discount-for-retreat" to email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within 24 hours after paying for your stay, and a 5% discount = $40 is yours!*

Don't forget to mention in email also your name and your paid term.


* If you have paid a 50% deposit, the discount will be deducted when paying the 2nd part of the payment.

If you paid the full price, the discount will be sent to your bank account within 5 business days.

Discounts can not be combined.




More info:

Have questions?: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru




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