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Website is For Sale

Dear students, parents, teachers, schools, dear educational institutions!

We offer you a mathematical website for purchase, which has helped during the past 12 years to hundreds of thousands of pupils and students around the world in preparing to math school tests and exams.

What is offered:

- the domain along with all its content

- documents with math exercises and their results

- full copyright for the website

- english version of the website:

- czech and slovak version of the website: &

In the case of interest there is also available a not yet finished new look for the website:

The new look is available in all three languages.

The website has been visited:

- during the last year by 236,804 + 516,978 unique visitors

- from the moment of launch by 1,338,248 + 4,065,255 unique visitors

Google Analytics:

- (april 2022 - march 2023)

- (april 2022 - march 2023)

There are also complete solutions to the mathematical problems available

(15 mathematical topics from 16; around 3500 math exercises altogether).

The solutions are available in czech and slovak language so far.

Samples of solutions:

Sets and Intervals - Complex numbers - Algebraic fractions - Systems of equations

Linear equations with an absolute value - Linear equations with an unknown in the denominator

Arithmetic sequence - Triangles and their properties - Infinite series and sums

Volume and surface area of solids - Determinant of a matrix - Domain of a function

Quadratic equations - Word problems - Limit of a function - Definite integral of a function

Domains that are also available for sale:


currently redirected to


the domain that has not been used yet

Approximate expenses for the website so far:

- 3000 € for SEO

- 7500 € for solving the exercises

- 1500 € for other expenses

Feel free to send your offer with any questions to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please contact us only if you are seriously interested.

Preferences will be given to those interested in all the mentioned domains.

joomla templateinternet security reviews

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