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Math Exercises & Math Problems: Unit Conversion Word Problems





1. New pipeline to supply water will be 1.2 km long. Staff put it on both ends. There is already 0.492 km of pipeline put on one side and 53,500 cm from the other side. How many meters of pipeline have still to be put ?


2. From the barrel of fruit juice is filled 306 bottles of 0.7 liters. How many bottles of 0.3 liters would be filled with the same amount of juice ?


3. From 18.3 hectares workers reaped 78.69 tons of grain. What was the average yield per hectare of harvested grain ?


4. A meat was delivered to a canteen from a meat factory. There was 8,200 g of pork for 43 €/kg, 11.4 kg of beef for 22 €/kg and 7.8 kg of sausages for 34 €/kg. How many euros billed the meat factory to the canteen ?


5. Mum bought for both of her boys the same substance for clothes. She bought 2.5 meters of substance for Michael, 1.25 m for David and for Tom she bought the same amount as for David with 0.3 meters of substance in addition. How many euros mum paid for the substance, when 10 cm of substance costs 13.80 € ?


6. Express from Paris left at 13:33. It arrived to Bern at 16:17. How many minutes did the journey take ? What distance in km it traveled with an average speed of 254 km/h ?


7. The crane is moved in the assembly hall for 1.4 minutes of 33.6 meters. How fast it moves, if its motion is uniform rectilinear ? The result should be indicated in m/s.


8. The pump delivers 0.75 hl water for one minute. How long will it take to fill a tank with a capacity of 10.2 m3 ? The result should be indicated in hours and minutes.


9. The balloon flew 8 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds. How many seconds were missing to it flew 10 hours ?


10. Stargazer is watching the stars at an angle 7°19'52''. What is the size of this angle in seconds ?


11. Peter planted 220 kg of potatoes and harvested twelve times more of them. How many tons of potatoes has he harvested ?


12. Land with the shape of a rectangle has a width of 2,500 cm and it's 0.065 km long. How many euros will we pay for covering the ground with lawn at the price of 3,500 €/ha ?


13. The pump has a volumetric flow rate of 62.5 dm3/s. How long will it take to fill a tank with a capacity of 256 m3 ? The result should be indicated in hours, minutes and seconds.


14. How much water in hectolitres flows within one hour through the pipe with a diameter of 42 mm at an average flow rate of 1.5 m/s ?


15. The hose has an inside diameter of 4 cm and is 25 m long. How long from the opening of the tap will it take to water comes out at the other end of the hose, if there is 30 litres of water per second pressed into it ? What is the flow rate of water in the hose ?







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